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  • First Cranes

    First Cranes

    The first migrating cranes gather together with the local ones. Today I already counted 500. I guess there are around 5000 cranes in the area. In a month there will be 130.000.

  • Cranes at the Sun

    Cranes at the Sun

    A flock of cranes in front of the early sun. Shot in Linum, Germany.

  • Birdcloud


    A cloud of thousands of geese and cranes in Linum, Germany.

  • To the South!

    To the South!

    Cranes prepare to continue their migration southwards. Currently ~130.000 having a few days break in Linum, near Berlin.

  • Cranes at the Sun

    Cranes at the Sun

    28.09.2014 Migrating Cranes flying through the sun in Linum, Brandenburg.

  • Birdsky


    13.10.2013 | Linum | Brandenburg Moments before the Sun rises on the horizon first masses of cranes getting airborne, leaving the lakes around heading towards feeding-places around. They fly some km to harvested field to feed and come back in the evening. It took half an hour before all cranes left the place.