Month: March 2014

  • Silvershine


    This Great Egret is enough for himself. Creates a point of silvershine on the endless water.

  • Hating Swan

    Hating Swan

    This male-swan really hate having other birds nearby. Following them across the lake until they finally move they ass away. But, its spring, birds are only humans, too ;)

  • Chilled Greyleg

    Chilled Greyleg

    02.03.2014 | Karow | Berlin This greyleg goose was quite chilled. Normally they have a long flight-distance.

  • Partnerflight


    We got spring very early this year. You can already see the greylag gooses engaging in their partner flights. They start to do that when the partners find eachother and “hang around” together rather than with the whole flock.