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  • Courtship I

    Courtship I

    As written before, still testing Cameras. This ones were taken with a borrowed 7D MKII. I like the AF System, it´s a lot more advanced than the one of 7D MKI, but still suffering from the same “problems” when taking pictures directly into the sunlight like these ones. So basically i focused manually. Great Creasted Grebe…

  • Courtship display

    Courtship display

    One of -the- species I am associating  Courtship display is the great crested grebe. The male is bringing a present, then they  imitate each others movements, they “dance”. After a while they start to run over the water, close together. Iam still waiting for a good shot of this last impressive step.  

  • GreatCrestedCrebe


    The Great Crested Crebe (Podiceps cristatus) has an interesting courtship perfectly mirroring the partners movements. It ends with running over the water. This one did that alone.