A nuthatch from the Schlosspark Charlottenburg. Pics were taken on 2 different days. Nuthatchs can walk overhead and climb in any position. They re-use old woodpicker holes but make the entry alot smaller by using a “glue” of spittle and mud.  

European robin

European robin, or just “robin” (Erithacus rubecula). This one was enjoying some sun in the Schlosspark Charlottenburg. It feeds mostly on insects. They played a big role in the discovery of the Magnetoreception. I quote from wikipedia: The avian magnetic compass of the robin has been extensively researched and uses Vision-Based Magnetoreception, in which the robin’s […]

Hen Harrier

Hen Harriers, like the other members of the family “Circinae” are easily distinguishable from other birds of prey because of their interesting style of hunting. The are flying quite low over the ground and do rather “random” movements with sudden stops, turns and hits to the ground. This is one of the females. The male […]

Great Bustard

Currently no mating season, so this great bustards don’t “display” themselves yet. But next month they will “dance” for their hens and show the full beauty of their plumage. Shoot a little west of Ribbeck in Brandenburg.