milvus, short for milvus milvus, is a medium-sized bird of prey of the family the Accipitridae. Around 70% breed in Germany, most of them in eastern germany. It has very good abilities, is a active hunter of open areas but also harasses birds for their food.

Why & What

Searching for birds of prey was one of the aspects which brought me to serious photography.Evolving from that I tried Urban Exploration, Experimental Photography, Landscapes, Wild and Captivate Animals.  Currently I am mostly birding with a mix of landscapes and experimental shots. I love the Nature of Brandenburg and the possibilities which come with it.

As I stared this Blog rather “late”  Ill start with a mix of old and new pictures. It will stabilize to new pictures somewhat to end of the year.


  • My Hands & My Eyes & My Heart
  • Canon 7D
  • Canon 500D
  • Canon 500mm f4 IS II USM
  • Canon 70-200mm f2,8 IS II USM
  • Canon 2x Extender III
  • Tamron 90mm DI  MACRO
  • Tamron 11-18mm + ND 64
  • Samyang 8mm fisheye
  • Manfrotto 682B + Sirui L-10


I rather let my pictures speak than tell about myself. I am a random guy living in Berlin, Germany. Actually I am from Hanover. I earn my money being a Sysadmin on a Big Webhosting-Company.


I am a friendly person and like to share my experience with all of you. You can show this pictures around, use them a references and even use them in non commercial projects. But please give proper credit.