Month: May 2015

  • Good Evening

    Good Evening

    Northern Gannets in the orange evening Sun on Helgoland.

  • White Wagtail

    White Wagtail

    I cant believe thats this the first white wagtail I upload here. I see them really often, but don’t bother to take a photo of them.

  • Long Tailed Tit

    Long Tailed Tit

    Or “Bird on a Stick” because of their enormous tail while having a shape of an ball.

  • Great Reed Warbler

    Great Reed Warbler

    The biggest of our european warblers. Its unique in its voice and appearance (just by the size). Is singing most of the times quite hidden or at the side of the reed you cant see because its the water side…  

  • Red Kite

    Red Kite

    Red Kites are beautiful birds. They have very long wings in comparison to their “small body” which is around the same size as an bussard. They eat everything they find and is not dirt or a plant. In this case a farmer was in the process of mowing his grass. And all birds of prey…

  • Mandarin Duck

    Mandarin Duck

    Beautiful Mandarin Duck in the Schlosspark Charlottenburg in the evening light.  

  • Starlings


    Busy parents need to feed their chicks. Very exhausting times, but the children will be ready to fly out in a few days. And as a last picture – parent says “noooo”.