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  • The Falcon and the Crow

    The Falcon and the Crow

    Fighting Common Kestrel and hooded crow on the former airfield tempelhof. Both birds were quite active that day :)

  • Common Kestrel

    Common Kestrel

    I am currently thinkin on buying a new camera. My old one has some weird issues with the center AF Point. So i rented a Canon 5D MK III . Its a really nice camera. The AF System is fast, Image Quality is “good” (even if not *that* much better in my opinion). The Problem…

  • Kestrelness


    OR.. Female Kestrel. Falconerin… You get the idea. Because the most falcon pics in my Blog are of tercels. In German its just “Weib”.

  • Hunting Kestrel

    Hunting Kestrel

    A male common kestrel. Looking around for food. Its an cold day and the earth is covered in snow. This male is  looking around for mice to hunt. Apparently he found something interesting. Starting in to the Air! A few beats of his wings later hes up in the air, hovering above a promising area…

  • An Avian Lovestory (multiple pictures)

    An Avian Lovestory (multiple pictures)

    “Hey my dear hooded crow, where are you?” “Here I am! – Even walking in the air to be faster with you!” “Oh, there you are! – I am already raising my tailfeathers for you.”   “Before we can ‘go birding’ lets dance a little bit” “Oh, you are a really bad dancer – And…

  • Kestrel


    Kestrel tercel on the former airfield Berlin Tempelhof. We had rather bad weather and Light, but I like the shot. This guy was really trusting for a wild bird of prey. And as a bonus “his wife” ;)

  • Making Prey

    Making Prey

    03.10.2013 | Tempelhof | Berlin | Germany Female Common Kestrel seconds before making prey.

  • Morning Kestrel

    Morning Kestrel

    03.10.2013 | Tempelhof | Berlin | Germany A female common kestrel in the early morning sun. They find plenty of food on the abadoned airport Berlin-Tempelhof.

  • Fence Couching

    Fence Couching

    21.09.2013 | Tempelhofer-Airport | Berlin I was cycling today. Visiting the abandoned Airport “Tempelhofer Freiheit” is always relaxing. I was kind of suprised to come across 4 Common Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus). I spend quite some time watching them.