The Greylag goose in Berlin have their chicks. They are growing really fast. This one is 2-3 weeks old. The parents do really dont like me in their¬†proximity.


Edge of the forest – and Edge of a Reed-field. With the sun being very close to the ground and announcing the evening this deer gives a brief visit.

Bearded Tit

Bearded Tit, or bearded reedling. I really like this bird, its colorful and has a nice contrast. It lives hidden in the reed. Your only chance to have a clear view is to wait at the end of an reed-field for them to appear to enjoy some sun.

Hooded Crow Hybrid

There are hooded crows, and there are carrion crows. Normally they don’t meet each other because there is a natural border in Germany, the river Elbe, which eachother dont cross. (much). Sometimes there are hybrids of these species, and this is one of them.

Northern Gannet

One of multiple posts for this animal in the near future. I brought quite some nice picture from helgoland with me. They are currently building their nests and mating. All of this are free birds, of course.