Hunting Kestrel

A male common kestrel. Looking around for food. Its an cold day and the earth is covered in snow. This male is  looking around for mice to hunt. Apparently he found something interesting. Starting in to the Air! A few beats of his wings later hes up in the air, hovering above a promising area […]

Kladow – Berlin

Kladow, a small village between Berlin and Brandenburg is a perfect breeding spot for cormorants. They just started to fight for the nests and get a partner. I didnt see much of them yet, but I guess there will be more to see in the next weeks. Hopefully with good weather. The place has more than […]

Sniff Sniff

An European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) sniffing around. Maybe it wind me, but maybe its just interested were the best food is. This was a small group of 3 animals crossing the field on the Area of the Schönerlinder Lakes in Berlin. I was laying on the ground where I was shooting white and great […]