More Cormorant

I was walking around a Lake in Berlin, beautiful sunset. But its damn cold, my hands freeze holding the metal lense… A single cormorant was fishing. Unfortunetly i cut the wing.. but in the action it’s hard todo, right?


Before i moved to Berlin i never had seen this bird in a distance where you could see the beautiful patterns on their wings. They are probably one of my favourite bird. Compared to other city-birds they are still very reclusive and don´t like to be approached. I know of bigger populations on Wannsee (for example Insel […]


Cormorants are somewhat hard to take pictures of. There are rather shy in my area so you cant get close to them. Additionally they are mostly black, which is hard to take pics of, too. Currently I really try to take pics of then.The first one on the top is in the late evening at […]

Kladow – Berlin

Kladow, a small village between Berlin and Brandenburg is a perfect breeding spot for cormorants. They just started to fight for the nests and get a partner. I didnt see much of them yet, but I guess there will be more to see in the next weeks. Hopefully with good weather. The place has more than […]


Rather rainy day in Ikerbruch. But after some waiting a cormorant appeared and showed his fishing skills. He was somewhat more effective then the great crested grebe nearby.