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  • Starlings


    Starlings from today. We had a wonderful sunny day. I think i catched the first sunburn of the year ;D

  • Starlings


    Busy parents need to feed their chicks. Very exhausting times, but the children will be ready to fly out in a few days. And as a last picture – parent says “noooo”.  

  • Starlings Returned

    Starlings Returned

    Welcome back dear starlings. They are sitting on my balcony and singing. Soon they will built a nest – as they did last year. Gosh its so hard to take a good picture of a really dark bird.

  • Flocking Starlings

    Flocking Starlings

    Juvenile Starlings flocking together. They will do the long migration together. Found them on the formal airport Berlin-Tempelhof.

  • Common Starlings

    Common Starlings

    Dinner while watching Common Starlings singing in the evening Sun.