Month: August 2013

  • OnWhite


    14.08.2013 | Germany A Black Chested Eagle Buzzard in the bright sky.

  • SakerFalcon


    16.08.2013 | Germany Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) on his second try to catch his prey

  • Golm


    26.08.2013 | Potsdam-Golm | Germany I was in Potsdam for a flat-viewing and while wandering around to see the sourrounding I found a lake. Just a nice few Moments

  • Eurofurence 19

    Eurofurence 19

    21-25.08.2013 | Magdeburg | Germany Last Time in Magdeburg. Berlin next Year. I hope to see you all next year :)  

  • And Flies

    And Flies

    14.08.2013 This fallow deer (Dama dama) is being harassed by insects.

  • HarrisLight


    14.08.2013 | Germany Dust gives you a weird sense of light in the air. – HarrisHawk in Backlightning.

  • Eagleyes


    14.08.2013 | Germany Just a Moment, a Moment where the Bird gives you attention. But the impression lasts.

  • Sanatorium


    19.06.2012 | Brandenburg | Beelitz One of the abadoned buildings in Beelitz.

  • Flood


    03.03.2012 | Brandenburg | Rathenow Accidentally I was in the Region of Rathenow short time after floodwaters. Lots of field were flooded creating big areas of natural, little bit surreal mirrors.

  • ScreamingWeel


    15.06.2013 | Berlin | Spreepark If you sit, and wait. You can hear the ferris wheel scream. Scream while moved by the wind .