• This is the National monument of the German Campaign (against Napoleon; 1810) in Berlin, ontop of the “Kreuzberg”.

  • 22.06.2013@5:50 | Karow | Berlin | Germany Okay, you cant see the lake, but “Karower-Teiche” are a wonderful small area of lakes. Especially in the morning. Fog on the Ground and first sun touching it.  

  • 21.09.2013 | Viktoriapark – Kreuzberg | Berlin-Kreuzberg | Germany The highest “mound” in Berlin, the “Kreuzberg”, is 66m high and is coated with the Viktoriapark which was built somewhere around 1815 by Herrmann Mächtig. On top there is a national…

  • 21.09.2013 | Tempelhof-Airport | Berlin | Germany A big cloudfront moving towards the place where I watched some common kestrels. This is the Moment when you really should go back home when you are a good distance away from home…

  • 21.09.2013 | Tempelhofer-Airport | Berlin I was cycling today. Visiting the abandoned Airport “Tempelhofer Freiheit” is always relaxing. I was kind of suprised to come across 4 Common Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus). I spend quite some time watching them.

  • 11.08.2013 | Burgdorf-Hannover | Germany The Colors directly before a Thunderstorm can be very intense. When the sun shines on small areas and the rest is covered in the grey darknesss.

  • 22.06.2013 – 04:20 | Berlin-Buch | Berlin A few Moments after sun rises. The Golden Moment, with the earth still covered in fog.

  • 16.09.2013 Approaching Tiger. Hide or Run?

  • 07.09.2013 | Potsdam | Germany Did I already mention that I love special Lightning? Its an Attacus atlas (). It only lives ~10 days. As it lacks the possible to feed it just dies of starvation.

  • 19.09.2009 | Hannover | Germany Part of an abadoned Train-Station. Same place as the Number I. I just like the Lightning

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