200mm Forest

Went to the forest with a single lens: a 70-200 f2.8.  Wanted to test out of if I can limit myself to using just that. On a Crop Camera that is quiiiite  the long lens. But hey, challenges, right?

Flying Diamond

An Kingfisher, the flying diamond. Finally I got a better picture of him. Its really hard to get close enough. He is very small, and very shy. I think he didn’t see me because i was sitting in the reed.    


Nusskadse. Okay, its a squirrel. I was laying on the ground before a nest of  long-tailed tits and waited for them to come back as this squirrel appeared. It came down a tree and approaches. After  while it was so close I couldn’t focus it anymore. A minute later it looked into the sunshield of my […]