Before i moved to Berlin i never had seen this bird in a distance where you could see the beautiful patterns on their wings. They are probably one of my favourite bird. Compared to other city-birds they are still very reclusive and don´t like to be approached. I know of bigger populations on Wannsee (for example Insel […]

Courtship I

As written before, still testing Cameras. This ones were taken with a borrowed 7D MKII. I like the AF System, it´s a lot more advanced than the one of 7D MKI, but still suffering from the same “problems” when taking pictures directly into the sunlight like these ones. So basically i focused manually. Great Creasted Grebe […]

Common Kestrel

I am currently thinkin on buying a new camera. My old one has some weird issues with the center AF Point. So i rented a Canon 5D MK III . Its a really nice camera. The AF System is fast, Image Quality is “good” (even if not *that* much better in my opinion). The Problem […]

Gulls I

After a long day of rain and boring light in the last minutes of the day we had some intensive sunlight coming over a lake in Berlin.