Good Evening

A very coldĀ evening at the former Tempelhofer Airfield. Swarms of hooded crow came together to feed, sleep and enjoying the very last shafts of sunlight. Roughly 250 birds come together to fill the trees around.


21.09.2013 | Tempelhof-Airport | Berlin | Germany

A big cloudfront moving towards the place where I watched some common kestrels.
This is the Moment when you really should go back home when you are a good distance away from home – with the bicycle…

Fence Couching

21.09.2013 | Tempelhofer-Airport | Berlin

I was cycling today. Visiting the abandoned Airport “Tempelhofer Freiheit” is always relaxing. I was kind of suprised to come across 4 Common Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus). I spend quite some time watching them.