25 Years

25 Years ago the Wall between West and East Berlin fell. And so did the seperation of Germany. During the Last Days the “Berlin Wall” was rebuilt in form of 8000 glowing Ballons at a total distance of 15km. The Baloons were released in the sky.

Linum – Geese

13.10.2013 | Linum | Brandenburg

Geese in the air, heading from the sleeping-lakes to the meadows around.
Currently more than 100.000 cranes and countless of geeses roost here for a few weeks before moving on south for overwinter survival.

By the Lake

22.06.2013@5:50 | Karow | Berlin | Germany Okay, you cant see the lake, but “Karower-Teiche” are a wonderful small area of lakes. Especially in the morning. Fog on the Ground and first sun touching it.  


21.09.2013 | Tempelhof-Airport | Berlin | Germany

A big cloudfront moving towards the place where I watched some common kestrels.
This is the Moment when you really should go back home when you are a good distance away from home – with the bicycle…