200mm Forest

Went to the forest with a single lens: a 70-200 f2.8.  Wanted to test out of if I can limit myself to using just that. On a Crop Camera that is quiiiite  the long lens. But hey, challenges, right?

Fehmarn 2014

A bunch of pictures of the Excursion to Fehmarn 2014. Visited the water-bird-sanctuary wallnau and the nature around it. The highlight for me was a foto of an Eurasian bittern. They live really hidden and move rarely but make an really unique sound which reminds me of dubstep.  

By the Lake

22.06.2013@5:50 | Karow | Berlin | Germany Okay, you cant see the lake, but “Karower-Teiche” are a wonderful small area of lakes. Especially in the morning. Fog on the Ground and first sun touching it.