Hunting Kestrel

A male common kestrel. Looking around for food. Its an cold day and the earth is covered in snow. This male is ¬†looking around for mice to hunt. Apparently he found something interesting. Starting in to the Air! A few beats of his wings later hes up in the air, hovering above a promising area […]


03.10.2013 | Tempelhof | Berlin
If you ever wondered how it feels being in the perspective of the “prey” of a common kestrel. This female hovers over the typical peeing place of mice, waiting for them to come. Kestrels can see light in the UV-spectrum. And mice-pee is glowing awesome in UV

Fence Couching

21.09.2013 | Tempelhofer-Airport | Berlin

I was cycling today. Visiting the abandoned Airport “Tempelhofer Freiheit” is always relaxing. I was kind of suprised to come across 4 Common Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus). I spend quite some time watching them.