Courtship display

One of -the- species I am associating  Courtship display is the great crested grebe. The male is bringing a present, then they  imitate each others movements, they “dance”. After a while they start to run over the water, close together. Iam still waiting for a good shot of this last impressive step.  

Great Bustard

Currently no mating season, so this great bustards don’t “display” themselves yet. But next month they will “dance” for their hens and show the full beauty of their plumage. Shoot a little west of Ribbeck in Brandenburg.


On my way back from Hannover to Berlin I always stop at Ilkerbruch. This time I had very low sun shining directly in my face (and lense…) so I had edgelight and a very hard contrast which worked quite well for this Great Egret (Ardea alba).