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  • The Falcon and the Crow

    The Falcon and the Crow

    Fighting Common Kestrel and hooded crow on the former airfield tempelhof. Both birds were quite active that day :)

  • Kestrelness


    OR.. Female Kestrel. Falconerin… You get the idea. Because the most falcon pics in my Blog are of tercels. In German its just “Weib”.

  • Got it!

    Got it!

    After some missed he finally catched the lure. At Falkenhof Potsdam.

  • Sharp Corners

    Sharp Corners

    This Saker falcon (Falco cherrug) is trying to catch a lure. At Falkenhof Potsdam.

  • Preyview


    03.10.2013 | Tempelhof | Berlin If you ever wondered how it feels being in the perspective of the “prey” of a common kestrel. This female hovers over the typical peeing place of mice, waiting for them to come. Kestrels can see light in the UV-spectrum. And mice-pee is glowing awesome in UV

  • Morning Kestrel

    Morning Kestrel

    03.10.2013 | Tempelhof | Berlin | Germany A female common kestrel in the early morning sun. They find plenty of food on the abadoned airport Berlin-Tempelhof.

  • SakerFalcon


    16.08.2013 | Germany Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) on his second try to catch his prey