Hooded Crow Hybrid

There are hooded crows, and there are carrion crows. Normally they don’t meet each other because there is a natural border in Germany, the river Elbe, which eachother dont cross. (much). Sometimes there are hybrids of these species, and this is one of them.

Northern Gannet

One of multiple posts for this animal in the near future. I brought quite some nice picture from helgoland with me. They are currently building their nests and mating. All of this are free birds, of course.


Or to be precise: Eurasian oystercatcher. The first of the birds I shoot during my stay at Helgoland, and definitely one of the “character birds” of the island. You can see and hear them everywhere. They are pretty big, but hard to photograph because of the black/white contrast. You can choose to fail-exposure the black […]

Harbor Seal

I just returned from a holiday on Helgoland, and the first pictures I post are NOT of a bird. Weird thing, hu? – There will be birds, of course, and there will be a summary post for Helgoland. But for now, some habor seals ;)