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  • Heron in the Evening

    Heron in the Evening

    Grey Heron in the evening Light. Currently really enjoying these guys xD

  • Herons arguing

    Herons arguing

    “I tell you! Its *sooo* big!” “pfff, go away, your mad! you dont even have one!”    

  • Getting Ready for Nest

    Getting Ready for Nest

    A grey heron is preparing to get to sleep. Late evening in Tiergarten, Berlin.

  • Incoming!


    Grey Heron incoming to nest site. Located in Karow, Berlin. Its not the same as in the previous post – I am just editing herons at the moment *G*

  • Flying Heron

    Flying Heron

    Grey heron in Charlottenburg, Berlin. The poor guy cant swim so has to watch the cormorants eating all the fish.

  • Wrong Place

    Wrong Place

    This grey heron appears to have missed his nest. The choosen “partner” dont really seem to approve. Currently there are 8 pairs of herons breeding in the reed of karow.   Okay, I better go…

  • Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

    A grey heron we met in Stangenhagen, Brandenburg in the early hours. Actually we waited for cranes but the heron is a bird, has feathers, so why not.