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  • Deer


    Edge of the forest – and Edge of a Reed-field. With the sun being very close to the ground and announcing the evening this deer gives a brief visit.

  • Work Work

    Work Work

    Just 2 “making off” pictures of today. Was quite the rain, but the equipment is weather sealed – so the only wet thing here was me. But thats okay.

  • Great Egrets

    Great Egrets

    A pair of great Egrets. The acme of white. The perfect animal for an advertisment for laundry detergent . Taken in Stangenhagen, Brandenburg.  

  • Angry Hooded Bird

    Angry Hooded Bird

    Hooded Crows looking somewhat like Angry Birds. The first nice day in “weeks” (a little bit exaggerated ;)). There are still lots of crows on the Tempelhof Airfield.

  • An Avian Lovestory (multiple pictures)

    An Avian Lovestory (multiple pictures)

    “Hey my dear hooded crow, where are you?” “Here I am! – Even walking in the air to be faster with you!” “Oh, there you are! – I am already raising my tailfeathers for you.”   “Before we can ‘go birding’ lets dance a little bit” “Oh, you are a really bad dancer – And…

  • Gulls


    Seagulls on the Tegeler Lake in Berlin Tempelhof. The first pictures with my new lense, but I had really bad lightning so I needed high ISO and the overall situation is rather boring.                      

  • Geminiden


    Spontaneous decision for the win! Decided with friends on Sunday late evening to drive to the “Skypark” near Gülpe. One of Germanys darkest places to watch the geminides. I really have little experience with star photography, but apart from that it was really a great experience. [effortless-gm address=”52.690464, 12.232475″ size=”900×500″ zoom=”18″ view=”satellite”]

  • Kestrel


    Kestrel tercel on the former airfield Berlin Tempelhof. We had rather bad weather and Light, but I like the shot. This guy was really trusting for a wild bird of prey. And as a bonus “his wife” ;)

  • Perfect Formation

    See it here:

  • Lets make new Dragonflys

    See it here: